Wireless iPhone Qi chargers tend to look pretty boring; they are usually just a circular pad to throw your phone on. I wanted to see if I could make a cooler looking one using Legos!

Finished Project

Build Guide

The process is pretty straightforward but here’s a guide with pictures below.

  1. Buy the cheapest wireless charger you can find
  2. Carefully crack it open, taking care not to damage the internal chip/coils
  3. Sandwich the coil between two flat pieces – it’s about the thickness of a flat pieces
  4. Flip over, and fold the chip to be on the opposite side as the coil
  5. Add bricks that block the chip from being pulled out from the USB cable
  6. Cover up the top with flat bricks
  7. Cover up the exposed circuitry on the bottom with bricks
  8. Top view
  9. Side view